Meet the therapist Solihull

Meet the Therapist Solihull

Meet the Therapist Cryo Solihull, Hello and welcome to Cryo Solihull I am the owner Sandy Sanghera.


Meet your Holistic Therapist Cryo Solihull, Sandy Sanghera

Meet the Therapist Solihull – About Me

I am married, have two lovely daughters, and am very family orientated.  My hobbies consist of relaxation activities, such as yoga, reading and walking in my spare time.  I enjoy having a job that enables me to advise my clients on how to destress, whilst providing a calm environment.  After many years of working in the accounting world, I got made redundant in 2010 hence the career change.  I worked my way up practically from an office junior to assistant accountant level.

Cryo solihull is a professional holistic therapy service.  My aim is to help clients with reducing their stress levels, and make them feel good.

I am self-employed and enjoy the continuous learning and updating my knowledge in each therapy that I offer, which really helps me to offer the best quality service to all my clients.

When I got married in 1998, we were on our honeymoon in Florida and I picked up a book on Reflexology and ever since have had an interest for holistic therapies.

Meet the Therapist Solihull – Training

After going back to college, and re-training, I took a VTCT Level 3 qualification in holistic therapies.  I upgraded my reflexology qualification to clinical reflexology, at Jubilee College, with David Wayte.  I am a member of The Association of Reflexologists .

After that, I upgraded my massage skills by learning more anatomy, physiology and massage techniques through The Jing Advanced Massage Training school .

Cryo Solihull is also a member of The Complementary Therapists Association .   Each year the governing bodies I belong to require therapist’s to do CPD (Continuing Professional Development), which further enhances my knowledge and learning skills.

I am also a Ladies Hollywood Waxing Specialist, and have been trained by the USA Wax Queen Lori Nestore and use a good quality hot wax.

My business started of as Sandy’s Holistic Therapy and for the first year I was a mobile therapist, after which I rented a very small treatment room for 5 years within The St Johns Hotel leisure centre in Solihull.  To find out more about the business please visit our Welcome page.

As a valued client whether you are new or an existing client, you are welcome into the therapy suite and a full consultation will be taken for the treatment you have booked in for.  Please read our individual treatment pages on our website menu to get a deeper understanding of what each treatment involves.

Due to expansion in localised Cryotherapy, the business name changed to Cryo Solihull. This then led to the expansion of my treatment room setting within Shirley Solihull.

I have upgraded my train to Level 4 Cryotherapy Induced Lipolysis and Pressotherapy for Lymphatic Drainage, alongside Infrared Therapy.  Cryo Solihull now offers Localised Cryotherapy treatment’s alongside the holistic treatment’s.

The Cryo Facial’s, Cryo Slimming and Cryo Toning are all natural and holistic based, which are all non-invasive and non surgical.  The client’s that have these session’s have to follow a good diet and fitness regime in order to see results.

Please note that the slimming and toning sessions are not the answer to weight loss, but to help remove stubborn pockets of fat and tone certain muscle groups.

The Pressotherapy sessions help with lymphatic drainage and the InfraRed therapy is good for blood circulation, and it also helps with overall muscle aches/pains.

Cryo Solihull offers a strictly professional therapy service.  All new clients are asked to fill in a consultation form and any contra-indications are taken into consideration.  I aim to offer the best service possible to my clients.

Cryo Solihull looks forwards to seeing you soon.