Bodysculpt near me Solihull

Bodyscuplt near me Solihull


Bodysculpt near me Solihull


There is a variety of bodysculpt treatments near me in Solihull that available here at Cryo Solihull.

Please note that having any of these bodysculpt treatments done, the results will depend on your lifestyle – a lot of client’s will ask if “one session is enough?” the answer “No please see this as the same as going to the gym – you have to attend on a regular basis work each body part – One gym session will not be enough the same as one bodysculpt session – top up’s are required”.  Our bodies change as we age and living in today’s 24/7 lifestyle with a lot always going on consistency is key.

Starting from working on the Lymphatic Drainage System that help’s you to de-bloat, and increase your fluid circulation via Pressotherapy at Cryo Solihull

Please note that this is not manual lymphatic drainage done by hands on massage – it is a compression based body suit and involves compression style lymphatic drainage.

Please note these are not a one off session and work better with consistency and all treatments work with a healthy lifestyle, exercise regime, healthy diet, water intake and low stress levels and good sleep.

Please note all the bodysculpt treatments here at Solihull are not designed for weight loss – and no guarantees and no promises are made and results vary form client to client as the treatments are lifestyle led and top up’s will be required.  All treatments are non invasive and top up’s will be required.

The different variety of Bodysculpt treatments near me Solihull

Leading on from the Pressotherapy – if you are not ready and just at the beginning of your healthy lifestyle journey you can combine this with the Liquid Lipo @ Cryo Solihull these are made from natural ingredients and start with a cold gel application that works on and then build up in strength which includes Thermogenesis gel application.  It is very important to be drinking 2 litres of water daily for any of these sessions as you need the bodies natural elimination channels to help flush out any of the waste that the treatment has created.

Once you are ready then the above treatments can be combined with Ultrasound Cavitation Radio Frequency Solihull which involves non invasive machine work in combination to the Wraps/Pressotherapy or alternating theses bi-weekly.

Please also note the amount of sessions vary from client to client as every single body shape is different – small/medium/large – and also it depends on hormones, any medication, and body composition.

If you are wanting a treatment on your stomach are please remember that the abdominal area itself is divided into Upper, Middle, Lower and Side area – working each individual area to get definition and tone in that area – same with arms biceps/triceps and so on.  Ask your gym instructor/personal trainer for exercise advice.

For more defined body areas – so if there is already definition in the area clients can opt for Localised Fat Freezing with Kassen Life and CryoSkin 3.0 at Cryo Solihull  The Kassen Life uses the most safest gas C02 gas so it is a natural cold therapy treatment that works on the subcutaneous fat cells, both off these are again non invasive treatments involving cold temperatures (heat also for CryoSlimming) too.

The Cryoliploysis technology is hand held and controlled at all times hence making it safe and controlled at all times – all the treatments offered above are supervised at all times.

The CryoSkin 3.0 and Kassen Life treatments can also be used for body toning as well. For the arms, mens chest area, legs, stomach, thighs and buttock areas.  And to maintain the shape of your muscles you can then have Electronic Muscle Stimulation Solihull this will help you keep your body in shape.