Can I see a difference in one session?

One of the questions I get asked frequently is:

Can I see a difference in one session?


Can I see a difference in one session

Here at Cryo Solihull there are no “quick fixes” or “miracle overnight changes”.

For example, if I join a gym and go just once I will not gain a six-pack, it takes constant sessions, commitment and diet and mindset changes for me to work towards my goal.  In real life we have so much more going on around us.  Work, family, and social commitments are constantly pulling us in so many different directions.

The saying “if nothing changes – then nothing changes”.  In order for anything to work it begins with us changing even 1 thing and then that become’s a habit – and they say a habit takes 90 days to form until it becomes part of our routine.

I work on a 80% client and 20% treatment  and a lot of clients ask what do you mean by this?

The most important things that can enhance any treatment whether that is a holistic session or a Pressotherapy session or if you are after fat freezing are:

Your lymphatic system – if the inside of the bodies not working properly then you can not have sessions that work the outside of the body due to congestion in the lymphatic system – does your body feel sluggish? Do you get bloated? Do you feel tired? Do you hold onto fluid retention?

Then step number one is to work on the lymphatic system – by having Pressotherpay sessions.  By working the lymphatic system the body will be detoxing by you sweating, going to the toilet.  As your body will be getting rid off all the things it wont be needing to hold onto – so it can work at an optimal level.  There is no way of getting results on the outside if the inside of the body is blocked up.

Are you drinking 2 litres of water a day? Not flavoured cordial – not herbal teas or coffee/tea or even fizzy water/pop.  Just plain water this is essential as it what the body needs in addition to the lymphatic drainage system working to its fullest.

Diet – I can not advise you in which diet is correct for you as there are so many allergies/diet choices that vary from client to client. Eating healthy and clean plays a very important part in your goals which can help you achieve what you are after.  This is a consistent change to your everyday routine at times we all eat and drink what we want to hence why top up sessions will be required.

Sugar intake – this needs to be reduced as fat loves sugar.

Sleep – are you getting enough quality sleep – your metabolism works best when the body is in a full resting period.

Stress levels – are your stress levels manageable? As high stress levels affect our overall body shape/size.

Exercise – your body needs constant exercise to obtain it fullest fitness levels – Overall Cardio is very important and so are isolated exercises – if you are wanting work on say your arms – do your biceps and triceps have definition already?  If so results will be more visible rather than on someone who has no definition in the said working area.

Alcohol intake also affects your overall results.

Please note some client’s will see results a lot quicker than other clients.  Results can take up to 6 months.  If all the above is not kept up on a regular basis then the space where the empty fat cells were eliminated from – new fat cells can settle into the empty spaces, this is why it is essential to maintain the above recommendations.

Some clients will have read various information prior to the consultation appointment, and because there are so many different makes/models in Cryolipolysis and Pressotherapy machines it is important to understand the results from each clinic will vary.

Here at Cryo Solihull a consultation is done prior to booking in any body fat freezing sessions, so that the client understands the way the treatment’s work and what they themselves have to do outside of the treatment room in order to achieve those results.  Only one body area is worked on a time.  And for any fat freezing sessions from 5 to 10 sessions are recommended.