Cryo Solihull Fat Freezing  Price List

Cryo solihull Fat Freezing for Kaasen Life Treatments

Cryo Solihull Price List for Toning Sessions are done using Cryo Skin 3.0 only




CryoFacial using Cryo Skin 3.0

1 Session - Alllow 30 Minutes - £50

This session is non-invasive/no chemicals and no injections are involved.  We only apply a clear gel and use cold temperatures.  A cleanser will be used before your session starts to remove your make up.

CryoToning using Cryo Skin 3.0

1 Session -  Please keep all areas on the treatment day free of any perfume or body creams.

Areas: Thighs/Stomach/Knees/Arms/Neck/Decolletage area/Breast area (only Toning sessions can be carried out on the breast area no Fat Freezing is allowed on this area).

CryoChin Slimming using Cryo Skin 3.0

1 Session - This treatment is focused on the actual Chin area only.

CryoSlimming using Cryo Skin

1 Session - Allow 45 Mins to 1 hour         £60

CryoSlimming using Kassen Life Machine 

1 Session Allow 20 Mins                           £50

Cryo Solihull Fat Freezing Price List for

Cryo Skin 3.0 Information

Session for Fat Freezing can be done every 14 days

A good diet and exercise regime must be followed in order to see results.

Please note that this is not a quick weight loss fix. The treatments are designed for area of stubborn fat.  In order to see results clients must reduce stress levels, drink 2 litres of water daily. Also to reduce daily sugar intake. And avoid eating any sugar or carbs prior to or after the treatment on the day.

Cryo Skin 3.0 Session for Toning Body or Face can be done weekly
Kaasen Life

Treatment Sessions for Face Toning and Body Fat Freezing can be done weekly

Kaasen Life Cryo Facial 1 session - This session is done either on the jowl area or the face area. All make up and perfume has to be removed prior to these sessions taking place as the skin has to clear of all products. £47