CryoSkin and Kassen Life Consultation Cryo Solihull

Permanent Contraindications for Cryoslimming/Toning/Facial (treatment cannot be carried out) Cryoslimming or CryoToning are possible on spider veins without the initial warm phase. A CryoFacial is possible on people suffering from osteoporosis.(Required)
Temporary Contraindications for CryoSlimming/Toning/Facials. Sometimes localised redness can occur during this treatment, or the client might feel some discomfort or itching without consequences and often due to the reactions with certain cosmetic products - these side effects usually disappear within 72 hours. No CryoSlimming/Toning until menustration return or the end of breast feeding. A CryoFacial is possible if breast feeding. A treatment is possible if the area has completely healed (tattoos) and any piercings must be removed.(Required)
Contraindications for CryoSlimming (fat freezing)(Required)
Contraindications for CryoToning/CryoFacial - Please note that is possible to do a CryoToning/Facial treatment every week on the same zone. It is possible to do more than one treatment per week on different zones ie face/legs.
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