Electronic Muscle Stimulation Solihull F.A.Q’s

Electronic Muscle Stimulation Solihull F.A.Q’s

Electronic Muscle Stimulation in Solihull can help to build muscles and it may help with fat reduction in certain body areas.

Here at Cryo Solihull we will do a consultation prior to booking you in.  This treatment uses Electro Magnetic to sculpt your body.

It uses the latest High-Intensity Focused Electro Magnetic technology and has a HITT workout mode too which feels like intense training on the stomach area.

1 Session £65

Electronic Muscle Stimulation Solihull

Electronic Muscle Stimulation Solihull Building and Fat Reduction at Cryo Solihull

Electronic Muscle Stimulation – Solihull – What do I need to bring with me for a treatment session?

For an Electronic Muscle Stimulation Solihull session, please wear comfortable clothing during the session – Cotton Joggers or Leggings, socks, and long sleeve comfortable cotton top.  It is best to wear non slip clothing for this treatment.

Please remove any watches, jewerly, and any electronic devices while you are having your session.

And please bring a bottle of water with you to drink after your session.

Electronic Muscle Stimulation Solihull – How long can the effects last?

The treatment time can be between 6 to 8 sessions.

Please note some people may need more sessions depending on their lifestyle habits.

The effect of this treatment can last up to 6 Months – providing you are following a healthy diet and exercise regime.  You can have one body area at a time in one session.

Clients can chose to have a top up session every 2 to 3 months as with this the results will be better maintained.

How long after having Electronic Muscle Stimulation sessions will I see results?

Some users found that the abdominal muscle lines have improved one day after having the treatment.  To achieve the effect of breaking down fat and increasing muscles, please note a minimum of 6 treatment sessions is required.

The best effect is seen 2 to 4 weeks after a course of treatments.

After a treatment it can reduce fat up to 19% and increase muscle by 16%.

You can this treatment done on the abdominal area, the gluteus area and the arms, and thigh area.

  • Visible results just after 4 sessions
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Safe and effective body contouring – Non invasive treatment

This treatment is very effective for larger abdominal areas we can concentrate on the lower part of the stomach first and then on the upper part of the stomach in a separate cycle.

You can also choose to have a 30 minute Pressotherapy session prior to one of these sessions.  Together combined this can produce more effective results.

Is Electronic Muscle Stimulation Solihull  – Body Sculpting Safe?

The condensed magnetic slimming device has been certified by the US FDA and EU CE for safety and effectiveness.

The process is safe and non-invasive.

This treatment is painless contouring for the body it is sweat-free and convenient and it is fast.

You will be lying down for 30 minutes and the highest HITT mode is equal to 5.5 hours of exercise.

Is Electronic Muscle Stimulation Body Sculpting Painful?

The procedure itself is painless.  No anesthesia is needed.  The treatment session can be compared to the feeling experienced during an intense exercise session.

You may feel similar muscle aches to that compared to a high intensity workout session after the treatment.  Please drink lots of water and to maintain results 2 litres of water is recommended daily.  In order to keep the results a healthy diet and exercise regime is key.  And also to keep your stress levels low and manageable as stress is a high factor in producing fat cells.  Sleep is also important when it comes to weight gain – good quality sleep is a very important factor in keeping the fat cells at bay.