Holistic Health Solihull

Holistic Health Solihull



Cryo Solihull offers a variety of Holistic Health services in Solihull.

These are sold as part of a lifestyle meaning they are not a one of “quick fix”.

As we constantly live in a world that is always busy and forever changing.

Your Holistic Health matters whether that is a Reflexology in Solihull session, or a Indian Head Massage Solihull.  A Hopi Ear Candling Solihull or a Hot Stones Fusion Massage Solihull.  Or a Deep Oscillation Therapy Solihull treatment.

Our bodies are constantly under pressure whether that is the way we hold ourselves posture wise at the desk, or in our daily routines.  Dealing with general stresses and everyday lives we are always on the go.  To take an hour or a couple of hours out to look after your body and mind is essential and it help’s you to get away from the daily routine.

How often you book in – is up to you some clients prefer, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or a session every 6 weeks, everyone is different.  Please note having one massage is not the answer to release the shoulder knots, the body needs time to open up over time especially tight muscle groups.

Outside of these treatments you can make sure you are drinking adequate water, exercising, eating a good clean diet and actually taking time out for you to switch off, whether that is going for a walk, doing yoga, watching a film.  It all contributes to helping you look after your mind and body holistic health.

Or a wonderful Reiki session.  You can book “time out” at Cryo Solihull and relax, let go and de-stress, from the daily demands of life.

How to Book In a Holistic Health treatment at Cryo Solihull

Book your appointment by filling in our Contact Us at Cryo Solihull form.

Pre-booking is advised as evening and Saturday appointment slots get pre-booked up in advance.  Your enquires will be answered during business hours and please note the treatment room is closed on Sundays and Mondays.