Hollywood Waxing for Ladies Solihull


Hollywood Waxing for Ladies Solihull - What is a Hollywood Wax?

A Ladies Hollywood waxing treatment is where all of the hair is removed from the front, the middle, and all the way to the backside.

Leaving you entirely bare and hair free and clean.

Please note at Cryo Solihull we only carry out Hollywood Waxing for Ladies.  As we specialise in this treatment.  No other waxing i.e full legs/arms/upper lip etc.

This waxing is carried out by using a high quality non-strip wax (also known as hot wax).  We carry out a No Double Dipping Policy.

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Hollywood Waxing at Cryo Solihull

We are specialist Hollywood Waxing for at Cryo Solihull.

I am highly trained by https://www.ascpskincare.com Lori Nestore - The USA Wax Queen.

Berodins hot wax (non-strip wax) is good for ladies intimate Hollywood waxing. As it is a nice and gentle wax.

The hot wax is applied to the area.  There are no strips used in a hot waxing treatment.  And it feels warm rather than hot against the skin.

It is removed when it hardens (which only takes a couple of seconds), by being pulled quickly against the direction of hair growth.

During the treatment you may be asked to stretch the skin with your hands. And we also ask you to move into certain positions to help your therapist access the area needed to be waxed.

Hollywood Waxing for Ladies Solihull - What you need to do before you have any waxing done please:

Let me know if you have any allergies, skin disorders, or if you are on any medication that may affect your skin. Please note if you have diabetes waxing cannot be carried out.

We recommend getting waxed once your hair has grown to be at least ¼ inch long.

To maintain your smooth appearance we recommend regular waxing every  4-6 weeks.

But results will vary.  Please refrain from using other methods of hair removal during wax sessions.

Hollywood Waxing for Ladies Solihull - Any Qusetions?

  • Any Questions?  Please check our Hollywood Waxing Frequently Asked Questions Page.

If you have any question's regarding waxing treatment's please call us on 07850 191 134.

Please note during treatment if we cannot answer your call leave a name, number and a brief message and we will call you back.