Lifestyle Based Treatment Sessions

What are Lifestlyle based treatment sessions?



Well these are treatments that are based around you and your lifestyle – meaning if you are booked in for a regular session of reflexology or a massage – the treatment is only 20% of what your body needs.

The other 80% is down to the client – meaning you finding your own way to de-stress on a regular basis, keeping your body fit and active and not to mention supple with simple stretches as well as keeping it well nourished by eating healthy food and by keeping it hydrated by drinking at least 2 litres of water.

As well as reducing sugar intake even foods that you think do not have sugar in them may have hidden sugar in them always check the food labels, and getting good quality sleep between 6 – 8 hours good quality sleep.  It helps by having a good bed time routine and regime to have down-time before bed to get you in the right sleep frame of mind.

All of this has an impact – there is no magic fix or quick way to de-stress or to change your body shape for it to become more defined – consistency is the key in anything you do.

Consistency is key

The body contouring treatments here at Cryo Solihull can help you with your weight management or body definition gaols but it you that has to put in the hard work – whether that is working on your overall cardio, if you are a member of a gym or fitness group your personal trainer or fitness expert can give you exercise routines or tips, this following a healthy eating plan not a diet but an actual eating plan – everybody has different diet needs and requirements so finding what works for you is important and making that part of your everyday lifestyle,  or working on isolated body exercises for example abdominal muscles which are when broken down quiet a large set of muscles and working each set is essential when concentrating on the upper/middle/lower and side of the stomach area  – it is hard work sticking to the plan and working consistently.

By having a session of whatever you are booked in for then having a few glasses of wine or a few beers afterwards does all your hard work and the treatment you have had done no better than not having it at all.

I always say that the most important things are exercise, diet and water intake followed by sugar reduction and good quality sleep and stress reduction – these are vey hard to maintain on. daily basis but with a plan and some dedication they can be manageable and please remember any weight management reduction whether that is a 1 centimes or 3 inches loss is a step in the right direction.

Remember it’s 80% you and 20% of what you are booked in for

At Cryo Solihull I can work alongside you and with you – but not for you.

That is something you are in control of as once you leave the treatment room it is down to you.

If you wish to book in for a body consultation to discuss the treatments available and please remember the lymphatic system plays a part in all of this too then you can book a body consultation via