Liquid Lipo Consent

Please read and understand the information provided below before agreeing to having this treatment:

In some circumstances adverse reactions can occur, these include but are limited to: pain and swelling.

Inflammation, itching and bruising.  Side effects such as infection, numbness and scaring while possible would be extremely unlikely as no incisions are made and our treatment is topical.

As with any treatment, dissatisfaction remains at risk, our products have worked on clients in over 95% of cases, however a small number of cases the treatment may not be effective, this may be due to lifestyle, metabolism, poor compliance with after care advice and poor lymphatic drainage (Please note lymphatic drainage treatments are available at an extra cost and can be done alongside these sessions to boost results).

Results can be sometimes immediate or take up to a week or up to 6 months depending on the individual.

For the best results it is important to follow your practitioners after care advice, however we are not liable in situations where the procedure is not effective.

By signing this document I agree to the above and accept the below information:

I understand that photos may be taken in clinic and stored for 10 years.  These phots will not be used without my consent, photos are taken so that we have a record of the procedures in line with insurance guidelines and will be stored securely.

I understand that while this treatment offers results in 95% of cases it may not be effective for me.  It many not be medically needed and may be for cosmetic purposes only.

I understand prices per treatment / body area and that the price depends on factors such as size of the treatment area and how much product is needed.

I understand in the unlikely event of a side effect any follow up treatment needed will not be covered by the treatment provider or clinic.

I understand that under no circumstances do we offer full or partial refunds if the treatment is ineffective.

I understand that if I have an autoimmune condition then treatment may result in a temporary reduced immune system leaving ,e prone to minor infections for 2 to 3 days after treatment, by signing consent I agree to this risk.

I understand that while it is my right to leave impartial reviews I also understand that if I publish any false or misleading information on the internet via social media or other channels then this can be considered as fraud and it may result in court proceedings.

I understand that is my responsibility to contact yourself if I have any side effects or feel unwell after treatment and that my practitioner should be my first contact in this case, I also understand that the clinic is not open 24 hours, and it may be closed after opening hours.  I also understand that if serious side effects occur such as anaphylaxis in those situations I understand that I may need to seek medical advice or attend hospital.

I understand it is my responsibility to disclose any allergies or medical history at my consultation and on my form.  I understand that treatment may be declined if this comes out following the consult and a refund may not be offered.

I agree that I have been given the opportunity to give informed consent to the procedure and that if needed I am able to take time to think about this and have not been pressured into undergoing treatment, I am aware of any contra indications and I consent to having the discussed treatment.

I understand that while the treatments have resulted in no significant side effects over 3 years and have undergone clinical trails that there are no long term studies into continued use of the products and that the treatment provider is not responsible for this or any medical bills that may occur as a result.

I understand that if concerned for my immediate health then I will attend the emergency department.