Lymphatic Drainage Massage - Solihull



Lymphatic Drainage Massage Solihull is also known as Pressotherapy this therapy works on the Lymphatic Drainage system of the body. Pressotherapy machine also has Infrared therapy built in.  This is good for the bodies blood circulation it is a safe and effective way and it can help with muscle aches and pains.  You will feel heat from the Infrared therapy once you are in the Pressotherapy machine and it feels very relaxing.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Solihull Pressotherapy is a treatment that promotes lymphatic drainage by using air pressure on different parts of the body. By alternating between compression and decompression.  Its effectively stimulates the lymphatic system.

Please note: This treatment is not a Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage, it is done using a Pressotherapy machine - it is not a hands on treatment.

Please wear a long sleeve cotton top, comfortable leggings/joggers, and socks for the this treatment.  All watches and jewellery will need to be removed prior to your treatment.  And please bring a bottle of water with you to drink after the treatment.  You may change in the treatment room if you need to prior to your session.  Your therapist will be in the room with you during the treatment - this is just in case we need to adjust any off the cuffs on the machine during the treatment or adjust the pressure or heat elements if you need us to during the session.

This is a 20 minute session with a 10 minute rest period after the treatment.  

Or a 50 Minute session with a 10 minute rest period after the treatment.

It may be best to start off with Pressotherapy sessions prior to booking in any CryoSlimming treatment's as this to helps to detox the body

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Lymphatic Drainage Massage - Solihull: What happens during the session

A full consultation is carried out prior to the treatment session.

Your therapist Sandy Sanghera at Cryo Solihull is fully trained in Level 4 Pressotherapy and Far Infra Red therapies.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage - Solihull: How can it help?

Lymphatic Drainage Massage - Solihull is a therapy that is good for water retention and getting the perfect lymphatic drainage, through which accumulated toxins and fat can be eliminated.  You may experience sensations on the table as lymph fluids begin to move (tingling, digestive noises).  All of which are aiding the bodies lymphatic drainage system.

Through effective lymphatic drainage massage, this therapy helps to promote the body's natural cleansing functions.  The revitalisation and oxygenation of the tissue helps to slim and re-define the legs, buttocks, arms and abdomen, it help's you to feel relaxed and more energised.

The stress and strain of modern life has highlighted the role of lymphatic drainage massage therapy as part of an overall beneficial plan for maintaining good health and preventing illness.  Pressotherapy is an excellent treatment for dramatically improving lymph, circulation, assisting in drainage harmful toxins out of the body as well as greatly improving the immune system and enabling it to defend itself against forgiven invaders by natural means.  Pressotherapy will also assist with reducing stress relief.

1 Session of Lymphatic Drainage Massage at Cryo Solihull 20 Minutes (10 Minutes rest time after session) £30

Or 50 Minute Session £50

Lymphatic Drainage Massage - Solihull: The Benefits

  • Helps to increase and improve lymphatic and blood circulation.
  • Helps to relieve edema.  Reduces muscle tension.  Reduces everyday stress.
  • Helps to relieve muscle and joint pains.
  • It can help with Body Care as it improves the silhouette.
  • And it also facilitates transcutaneous penetration of topical products.a
  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage Solihull - can help arms, legs or abdomen areas look slimmer or more defined.
Lymphatic Drainage Massage - Solihull: Aftercare

After having a lymphatic drainage Pressotherapy treatment it can leave you feeling very tired, you may want to have a lie down, or at least clear your schedule for the rest of the day.  Give your body time to ease back into activity.  Lymphatic drainage massage may also leave you feeling really thirsty, so please drink plenty of water.