New Gen Direct Chocolate Protein Max

New Gen Direct Chocolate Protein Max 



New Gen Direct Chocolate Protein Max – Ingredients

100% Organic

100% Clean Label

No Soya, Dairy, Whey, GMO

No Mixing, Caking Agents

No Fillers, No Bulking Agents

No Added Sugar or Sweetners

No Synthetic Nutrients

Pure Goodness

Nice Chocolate flavour

Vegan friendly and Gluten Free

This supplement is a protein and it helps with weight management, muscle mass, energy and nutrition.

With this supplement you may lose inches more than weight.

What makes it so special?

With most diets, protein intake is reduced, so people, lose muscle mass as the body breaks muscle down when there is not enough protein in the diet throughout the day.  To find out more about the quality side of New Gen click on:

One serving contains 21.66g of protein fibre, natural vitamins and minerals that are all made from the organic food ingredients.  All 9 essential amino acids, 24 leaves of organic kale and organic spinach (that is per serving).  It also contains 10 organic spouted legumes (per serving), gluten free organic oats.  And the finest quality freeze-dried organic fruits, including Banana, Acia Berries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Wild Blueberries, Lemon and Pineapple too.

This product is great product to take alongside our New Gen Superfoods Plus Information product.  As taking both off them on a regular daily basis really ensure your nutritional levels are kept at their optimal best.

You can choose to mix your 2 scoops of your Protein Max in any nut milk off your choice or just plain water if you wish.  Please do not mix this product with diary milk as it impaire’s the ingredients of this amazing product.

People jump on the scales and because muscle is so heavy compared to fat, they look at the weight loss and mistakenly think that they are doing really well, when in fact they are damaging their body and accelerating the ageing process.

If a diet aid has no protein in the ingredients this is a cause for alarm bells.

Diet aids without any protein in the ingredients and which create muscle loss can cause devastation in the body.

With this supplement – because a full serving provides so much:

  • Protein is healthy and plant based (animal protein is not as healthy and can cause inflammation)
  • Packed full of nutrients
  • Enough protein to keep and enhance our muscle integrity

This is so we get the perfect weight management result.

  • Loss of Inches
  • Loss of bloating

Maintaining and enhancing skeleto muscular integrity.

This particular supplement releases glucagon which helps fat to be burned, which gives us more energy.  It helps stables our blood sugars and provides a perfect fat burner.

This supplement gives us better focus and clarity.  It helps us:

  • Have more energy – we all need sufficient energy levels to function throughout the day
  • More Focus – Less Brain Fog
  • Better Health – Overall health optimisation
  • Lose or gain weight – Use it to build muscle or to loose centimetres
  • Use a clean protein – The best on the market remember “You are what you eat”
  • You can make smoothies/shakes/pancakes/muffins – Use it in a way that suits you
  • You can mix 2 scoops of this into yoghurt and have it as a snack – This way you are using it as a healthy snack rather than eating junk food snacks which can leave us unfulfilled and craving more sugar throughout the day.
  • Great for workout energy protein – Use it as a pre or post workout drink.

Please note this is not a diet – it is a lifestyle change by incorporating these supplements within your daily routines you are fulfilling your everyday needs for your body, to stay healthy and reaping the benefits by adding good quality ingredients for everyday living.  And please make sure that you still adhere to a good exercise regime and have a good water intake – preferably by drinking 2 Litres of water a day.