One and Done

One and Done

One and Done Cryo Solihull

one and done cryo solihull

A regular question that I get asked is will I see a result after one session or is one session enough?

I really wish that this was the case – but even if you joined a gym, and only went once would you get a six pack? Or if you only ate one salad would you see results?

No because with anything you do in life consistency is key.

That means working on yourself, your mindset, your expertise regime, healthy eating, getting good sleep and working on reducing your stress levels too.

Going for a walk, doing yoga, going to the gym.  Drinking 2 litres of water a day.  Eating a healthy nutritious diet.  Reading, journalling, mediating, painting.  Getting a good nights sleep and time blocking all help.  The list is endless – it is finding the time to fit it into your daily/weekly schedule and making these appointments with yourself.

If I could offer just one session of whatever therapy you choose to have with me then I would only ever need to see you just once – but unfortunately as we get older our bodies change with time and age and it all becomes about maintenance.

Consistency is Key! One and Done is not the answer

Whether you choose a holistic treatment or body contouring or a facial – I always say to client I will be seeing you again for further sessions or top ups.

Anything you have done is 80% client based and only 20% the treatment.

This is especially true outside of the treatment room as I cannot control what happens once you leave and you are in charge of your lifestyle.

Hence why I don’t make any promises or guarantees on any of the treatments available.

In this day and age we are so use to using Amazon Prime or Uber Eats and expect things at a click of a button.

But the mind and body only work if we do.  It takes a lot of homework to work on your health and mindset and it’s a constant work in progress.

We can discuss your body and mindset goals and work on enhancing what you have already and  work on a lifestyle basis – even when you look at the months of the year – there are so many things happening each month.  Life changes at a drop of a hat – literally and we are expected to change with it.

We enter flight or fight mode and our routine goes out the window – that is why any one treatment you have here at Cryo Solihull is never the same meaning you will feel different after each one.  Especially with the Holistic treatments you will feel different after each one.

So please bear this in mind when you choose a treatment or book in for your session know that it is part of your lifestyle and it is up to you to maintain it on a regular basis.

For some people it is hard to do certain activities due to mobility conditions or even mind health little and often in anything you choose to do that will help you to de-stress, or move without pain is key.

Talking also help’s to off-load and soon there will be mind health treatments available here at Cryo Solihull which will allow to let go, zone out and give your mind/body whatever is required at the time of that appointment.

You must remember that only you can change yourself and your habits and routines, we all deserve treats and fun too so everything within moderation is key.

I hope you find the right balance that is good for you.  What another person does is going to be totally different to your own needs and goals and lifestyle.