Pressotherapy Information and Aftercare

Please note if you are having this treatment for post surgery treatment Cryo Solihull require written consent from your hospital surgeon/consultant.

Please note this is not a manual hands on massage.

Please wear a long sleeve cotton top socks and cotton leggings/joggers for your appointment.

Pressotherapy Aftercare

After your treatment it is very important to stay well hydrated, by drinking lots of water.

The lymphatic drainage process release toxins and by hydrating the body this enables the detoxification process to go more smoothly.

Clients may feel they need to urinate more initially – this is good as it demonstrates the excess fluid is being released from the body.

Due to it’s detoxifying effects after the first couple of treatments some people experience tiredness, headaches, slight nausea or flu-like symptoms.  This should not last any more than 48 hours and is greatly reduced if plenty of water is consumed.

A feeling of profound relaxation is experienced after the treatment and an increase in energy levels may be felt.

Avoid Caffeine – If you are having these treatments alongside CryoToning Cellulite sessions, as the regular consumption of coffee can encourage cellulite.  Limit yourself to one cup of coffee per day.  Other foods to avoid include, processed meat and cheese as these contain extremely high sodium levels.

Exercise – Is essential in order to say goodbye to cellulite.  This is due to the fact that when you sweat it out, you are strengthening the muscle fibres in your body and tightening and toning.

When the muscle becomes toned, the cellulite becomes less visible.  Be it cardio, strength or flexibility exercises, all play a role in not only getting rid of cellulite and improving your overall health, but also improve your energy levels and well being at the same time.