Therapeutic Reiki 2 at Cryo Solihull


Therapeutic Reiki session with Sandy at Cryo Solihull




What is Reiki?

The word Reiki can be translated from the Japanese to mean “Spiritual Energy”.

This is a lovely therapy based on a practice, rises in Japan in the mid XI’th century.

The philosophy of this art of helping assumes that that human health depends on the level and harmonious flow of the vital energy called “Ki”.  Ki is a Japanese word meaning energy.

Therefore the main aim of this lovely energy based therapy is to help removal of any energetic blockades that the client may have in their body.

Please note Reiki can do no harm and like all holistic therapies sometimes the body might have to get rid of anything that is “in the way” in order for it to then “move on” and do any kind of healing that it need’s to do.  This can be physical, emotional, mind health or spiritual.

Sandy is trained in Level 1 Shoden and Level 2 Okuden by a highly trained Reiki master Grenville Williams.

Who is a Reiki master and has been practising Reiki for many years.

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing, a type of alternative therapy.  Reiki practitioner’s use a technique called palm healing or hands on healing which is a “universal energy” that is transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the client in order to encourage emotional or physical healing.  Please note this is a non-invasive therapy.  This is a beautiful therapy and it can help lower stress levels.

What will happen during the Reiki Session?

You will be fully clothed and lying face down on the couch – in a warm room with soothing music and covered with a blanket, on warm couch.  Your practitioner will begin by placing their hands on your feet working upwards towards the head area and this will be repeated once you turn over onto your back.  Most clients fall asleep during this treatment as they feel so relaxed.

You will take away whatever is needed at the time of your session.  Each client will experience a different session to their last one and no two sessions are the same.

Please note you must be “open” to having this therapy as if you “do not believe it will help you” or “are closed to the idea of universal energy” then this treatment is not for you.

What will I feel during my Reiki Session?

Sometimes clients will feel warm, cold, tingling, see lights, hear sounds – every client is different and just relax and let the energy work do what ever it needs to.  There are not set explanations on why this happens or what a certain colour means.

Just letting the Reiki energy do what ever it needs to whether this is emotional or physical healing the body needs, it will do what ever the intention of that session is.

Sometimes clients add on a Reflexology Cryo Solihull session to this therapy too to take some time out of their hectic lifestyles.

How much is a Reiki Session at Cryo Solihull with Sandy

The session is 50 minutes long – £45

For new clients a consultation is done prior to the 1st treatment.

How do I book a session?

Please contact Sandy via 07850 191 134 to book your session.

How often can I have a Session?

You can have a Reiki treatment as often as you would like one.  Some clients come once a moth and use it for relaxation purposes only.

After your Reiki session please rest up and drink a lot of water.