Waxing Information and Aftercare

Waxing Information and Aftercare – Please read

Thank you for choosing Cryo Solihull.

Please read the following statements below:

Waxing may cause:

Bruising, scabs, scarring, redness, hyperpigmentation, pimples or a flare up of these conditions/responses.

Waxing of soft tissue can on very rare occasions result in tearing of the skin and in very rare circumstances resulting in the need for medical attention. (Most common occurrence for this is Hollywood bikini waxing).

I understand that I may carry herpes/straph or MRSA without displaying any physical symptoms or medical diagnosis.

I also understand that the waxing service does not allow the opportunity to contract these conditions from my technician.

I understand all of the mentioned reactions and agree that if any of the information give by myself changes, I must inform my technician PRIOR to any service in the future.

Please note if you fall pregnant you must inform your technician as waxing is not carried out under 12 weeks of pregnancy or for high risk pregnancies.

Please note that everyone reacts differently to waxing.

Discomfort, redness and small bumps are common and usually subside over a period of 24-48 hours and tend to diminish with each wax you have.

Should you have any persistent symptoms, or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

You may notice hair growth after a week or so, it can take 4 to 5 wax treatments to get your hair on a growth cycle that gives best results.

To experience maximum benefits from waxing, please do not shave or use any other form of hair removal between appointments as this will interrupt the hair growth cycle and encourage uneven hair growth.

This may seem like an eternity, but the long term results are worth short term annoyance. Hair needs to be a minimum of half a centimetre long to be successfully removed by waxing.

In order to keep your skin in tip top condition we would ask that you follow the guidelines below for the next 24 hours:

No tanning of any kind – sunbathing, sunbeams or spray tans.

No heat treatments – saunas, steam rooms, hot tubs or hot baths.

No exercise – gym, swimming, sports.

Wear loose fitting clothing.

Avoid scratching or touching the waxed area with unwashed hands.

Avoid using any lotions, deodorants, body sprays or perfumes on the waxed area other than aloe vera as recommended.

To prevent ingrown hairs:

Apply an antiseptic cream to the treated area twice daily for the first 3 days following your wax, then once daily after that.

Exfoliate lightly 2 to 3 times a week using an exfoliating mitt and gentle liquid soap.